Overall Top Point Scorers




Mini League

Pos   Car      Driver       Points

1    M60      Nick Williams   562

2    CA198  Lee Forster       492

3    TA55    Deri Davies       482

4    R139    Paul Waldron    474

5    IK52     Dave Farrow     448

Pos   Car      Driver       Points

1     M8     Nicola Bettoney   532

2     M60   Claire Horner       525

3      SC17 Claire Horner       525

4     SL222 Leanne Huschka 522

5      R21    Kate Griffiths       480

1     SS11    Dexter North       467

2     E12      Jake Bailey         455

3     P74EM  Josh Tickle        450

4     M58      Jamie Williams   433

5     WS48   Jordan Hancock 357


1     M8    Nicola Bettoney     9

2     N53   Lloyd Elliot            6

3     N17   Garry Gheetham   5

4     M58  Jamie Williams      5

5     E10   Diane Heath           5

Pos   Car      Driver       Points

2013 Main Winners


Overall Mens Champion: S2D James Candy

Overall Ladies Champion: WS9 Jayne Baynton

Overall Junior Champion: YS73 Matt Bishop


All individual Winners and their profiles can be found on the

Winners Page by clicking here...



Latest News ...

In just 14 days we'll be in the middle of the round 4 action as we head down to the Southern League's Bearley raceway for the penultimate round of this year's championships...


The points are up and with the majority of the classes with it all still to play for, we could be looking at another great meeting, run by a great league.


Last year, the UKAC run meeting at the same venue was boosted by entries with the cancellation of the Solway BAS round, but the slick organisation of the league meant that the only reason to fault the meeting were the occasional rain showers, which meant that some class races were marred with sticky, and even trickier conditions.


Be there or be square!


We welcomed back Donna Brown, CM4 to the class 3 field at Norton Radstock/Forest following the birth of her second daughter, and the Pembroke based Carmarthen club driver was the highest point scorer at round 3, taking 3 wins out of 4. Shell Sumners R169 took the first heat win of the weekend, but was otherwise unable to chase down Mrs.Brown (Miss Cole), and suffered a last place in her second heat. Lisa Hills (WS5) was the second highest point scorer and now lies in second in the class 3 table, behind Sumners who leads in this awesome looking machine, and ahead of Sharon Douglas C13E. Brown, is 4th, ahead of Sharon Branston, while only 30 points split, Hills, Douglas and Donna Brown in 2nd, 3rd and 4th.

Tina Hilton ST46, was the only competitor in Ladies Class 9, and with maximum points at Round 3, is second in the class table, sandwiched between leader, Jade Dyke H150 and Shirley Preece H50.


There were no competitors in class 6 at Nottingham, which means the table remains unchanged, Rachel Collier's results at Stroud (IK960), keep her ahead of Tina Hilton T47.


Ladies Class 5 is now lead by Diane Heath, E10, which means that she's looking favourable to take two championship titles if form (and luck!) continues. Amy Morris R107, only completed 2 from her 4 races last weekend, but remains in prime position in the chase of Heath, ahead of Kim Green YD916 and Jenny Brown PAC37, who was second to Heath on two occasions at Oxton.


Clare Horner leads in the class 4, M60, and remains unbeaten in the class, second place is taken by Claire Blackman IK229, from Lucy Thomas 40F, who was absent from the Nottingham round, and Kirsty Noble T11 is placed 4th, while Sharon Branston L4 scored her 1st class 4 points of the championship at her local round last weekend.


Kelly Bishop YS37 was our Ladies Class 10 leader after two rounds, but during the 3rd weekend of UKAC, was at the Stroud alternative, which allowed the rest of the ladies class 10 field to catch up with the Wiltshire league driver. Diane Heath, E111, who's been consistant throughout the season, has pulled back her lead and both ladies now lead the class, sat on 369 points each. Liz Stowe S6D leads the chase behind them on 280, while the only competitor to win two heats last weekend was Jade Russell-Allanson IK19, who's in 4th on 234. We're glad that Jade is on the mend following an incident which involved Michaela Hazell, A10, which soured a great weekend at the Oxton raceway. Get better soon Jade! Megan Booth SR46 and Gina Lee 100F are both tied on 183 points - which will see some great racing between both if they enter Round 4!

We're obviously off to the Southern League for Round 4 of this years championships in just a couple of weeks time, so it was good to see one of the host league cars doing great at Nottingham this weekend.

Dexter North SS11, was unbeaten in the Junior Special category with 3 heat wins, and a victory in the final, and will almost certainly top the class points table as he heads into his "home" meeting. We believe that a few have already entered the round which follows the Mens Nationals, and details of how to enter Round 4 will be released shortly...

We're used to seeing Graham Cleal SS8 and Jon Napier WS82 as some of the highest championship campaigners in class 3 and class 5, they were absent from Nottingham, but are sure to be taking part at their local UKAC round next time. Well done both on holding ground and making the finals at Stroud!


When is comes to National Autograss racing, one of the longest-standing current directors of NASA, our governing body is Barbera Harper. She shares this car, M111, with son, Ben, and races in the ladies category. The last couple of weeks must have been her most busy period of the season, as she supervises the allocations and qualified cars for the Mens' Nationals, and also accepts the entries for the Ladies & Juniors Nationals. Despite a non-points round at Stroud, her consistant form at Nottingham last weekend, of 3 2nds in the heats, followed by a second in the final, to Clare Horner SC17, means that the Melton racer is third in the UKAC Ladies Class 8 table, where she's sure to chase down Clare, and second placed, Cloe Smith S46D at the Southern League in a few weeks time.

We were treated to a spectacle of the ladies class 1 final, as we saw 3 race leaders at some point during that race. Ultimately, Nicola Bettoney, M8, was crowned victorious, but was due to a last minute move on Rachel Dewhurst, R3, who led briefly, and also Mel Porter NR75, led for a while also. Bettoney, who remained unbeaten at Round 3, leads the Z-Cars Mini League table, and has a 100+ points lead over Dewhurst in the class table. Porter, was busy as part of the committee at Round 2, and her poor weekend at Round 1, means that she is down the table with 3 rounds to go, in 7th. Aimee Holden 96F, consistently on form is in 3rd, and Linda Lawler NW143 is in 4th, the first of the Micra's.

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2014 Fixtures and Venues - Round 1: 3/4 May @ Stroud | Round 2: 21/22 June @ Forest of Dean / North Radstock | Round 3: 12/13 July @ Nottingham | Round 4: 9/10 August @ Wessex | Round 5: 13/14 September @ Trent

For more information regarding the 2014 UK Autograss Championships, please contact the relevant person by visiting the Contact page

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