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Overall Top Point Scorers




Mini League

Pos   Car      Driver       Points

1    M60      Nick Williams    645

2    CA198  Lee Forster       602

3    IK52      Dave Farrow     572

4    R139    Paul Waldron     564

5    TA55    Deri Davies        518

Pos   Car      Driver       Points

1     M8     Nicola Bettoney    642

2     M60   Claire Horner        635

3     SC17  Claire Horner        635

4     SL222 Leanne Huschka  622

5      R21    Kate Griffiths        580

1     SS11    Dexter North       577

2     E12      Jake Bailey         568

3     P74EM  Josh Tickle        450

4     M58      Jamie Williams   588

5     NW47   Daniel Borman   477


1     M8    Nicola Bettoney     11

2     N53   Lloyd Elliot            6

2    N17   Garry Gheetham     6

2   M58  Jamie Williams         6

2   SS8  Graham Cleal           6

Pos   Car      Driver       Points

2013 Main Winners


Overall Mens Champion: S2D James Candy

Overall Ladies Champion: WS9 Jayne Baynton

Overall Junior Champion: YS73 Matt Bishop


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Latest News ...

Like many current leaders, Deri Davies TA55 is just 1 heat victory away from becoming class champion, Sean Collin Sn257 and Marcus MIlls LUD3 are the only other drivers within striking distance of becoming the champion, while the top 8 can become runners up, should Davies hold on to win. Allan Tovey SS18 had a bad round at Round 2, but still could boost his way up from 6th with a good runout at Stroud. Ted Preedy R190 can make his way into the top 5, but the ones already there will be trying to hold on, Mike Liddiatt 309F is currently 4th, while Allen Kerr's SB47 is 5th.

Championship Co-ordinator, Paul Waldron R139 has a lead of just under 100 points as we head back to Javelin Park, and so he will know at the end of Day 1 whether he has done enough to be crowned champion for 2014. The only other challenger for the championship is Tommy Law SR2, who is a clear way ahead of Jamie Cox N52, who is 3rd 210 points behind the current leader. Just two points separate Rob Griffiths R21 and Mike Hockly 62F who round out the top 5. Keith Rapley C22E, Gary Reid CS942 and Will Barrett R313 are next in line, with Paul Eggleton IK49 and Warren Beatty NW40 (10th) rounding out the top 50. Only 25 points separate the 10th and 15th placed driver (Darrell Cole CM15), so the table could look totally different on the evening of the 14th September

Like Williams in class 4, Gary Cheetham N17 is just two heats away from possibly being confirmed as the class 5 champion for 2014. The Nottingham driver 73 points clear of current runner up Julian Heath E10 who has 451 points. Graham Cleal SS8 is 3rd despite a disastrous 1st round by last year's National Champion's standards, and a non-show for round 3 just goes to show his consistency at rounds following the mechanical problems suffered by the Southern league driver at the start of the season. Sam Bailey E2, has been consistently 4th throughout the season and maintains that position as we go into the final round, and Terry Rigney LM4 rounds out the top 5. Dave Harris R107, Adrian Brown PAC37 and Luke Hall IK94 can be confirmed champions too - so despite being outside the top 5 as we speak, luck for them and bad luck for others could completely change the look of the table. We'll know at the end of Day 1 whether we have a champion or not!

100 points split 1st and 5th in Men's Class 10, and it will be great to see Pete Bott Jnr S47D racing around his home track again! He leads by around 50 points ahead of Andy Lee 100F who spent more time on 3 wheels than 4 at the same venue earlier this year. Shakey can be crowned champion if Bott is inconsistent, while 3rd placed Gary Wetherick WS56 is also in a position to make points count. Tony Jones LM117 and Julian Heath E111 round out the top 5, Heath possibly the 1st double trophy winner for 2014. Chris Allanson IK19 and Ian Stott A10 sit just outside the top 5 waiting to pounce and make their moves on the top contenders. Nothing is certain as far as trophy positions are concerned.

Class 8 seems to be the most spread-out class, at least pointswise. Lee Waldron R1, has a 32 point lead over club mate Alex Hall R411 at the top of the table, who is 6 points ahead of Simon Reeve N8, who still holds his ground after a disappointing second round at Norton Radstock/Forest. 40 points off the top 3, is Paul Prior IK66, who has a 34 point lead over 5th placed Ben Harper M111. If Waldron has a bad weekend, anyone of the top 9 can become champions of the class, Charles Kennerley NW181 is 192 points off, and so would need a set of maximum meeting points (including the 20 points available for champion of the meeting) should he stake his claim on that title. He is 9th, just behind Aiden MIlls LUD6, Barry Hathaway C83E and Dave Palmer ARC31. Any of whom a possible trophy winner at the end of the fifth round.

A 93 point lead means that Jason Ballantyne SL22, can become class champion at Stroud in the the 1st two heats, but this wont deter his runner up Martyn Janes, N10, who can still catch the current leader. Andy Russell IK64 and Dave Gilder R61 lie just outside the top 5, but can make a way to claim a trophy position depending on their luck on the weekend. Stephen Ford WS57 and Ryan Napier WS86 sit just inside that top 5 and will be looking to charge their way up the table while Hugh Lafferty R57 currently is 3rd, but we're led to believe that the Radford driver has sold his car. Anyone of the top 5 can still become champions, while currently 8th and 9th placed Jamie Hornby T47 and Dave Houghton R27 can still make a charge up the table to allow any of the top 9 to be runner up at the end of the final round.

Nick Williams M60 would need a disastrous weekend not to finish as class 4 champion. The Melton driver, who just missed out on the Nationals final, is 150 points ahead of class runner up Wes Johnson IK34, and the only man that could beat him should the weekend be a non-point scoring round for Williams. The class, dominated by IK drivers, is still open for the remaining trophy positions, currently sees Mick Badman IK51 in 3rd, Dave Blackman IK229 in 4th and Colin Attrill IK272 in 5th. Chris Tudgay WS23 and Dean Smith 40F still have a chance of a top 4 finish, while Andrew Godfrey T11 has a chance of being boosted into the top 5 if a good weekend on track comes his way. Again, a class that anything can happen in, despite the leader being a clear length ahead!

The current top 4 in class 3 could end the last round as champions, but Dave Westlake 123F, Viv Cole CM4 and Adrian Herbert S26D will initially have to be victorious in heat 1 to stop Mick Sumners from getting further ahead. The R169 driver turned heads at the initial opening round and was consistently the one to beat in the following rounds. His lead is slim, just 23 points ahead of Herbert, who lies in second place. It will be harder for him to maintain his second, as anyone from the top 7 can become runners up to Sumners at the end of the round, should he win heat 1, as Ian Fay WS5, Paul Carpenter C201E and Adrian Joyce Ws22 are all within grasp of finishing second with a maximum set of 195 meeting points.

As we head back to Javelin Park, the class ones still have 9 competitors who could all take the crown In the class. Only one point seperates Adam Waldron R2, current leader and inaugural class 1 UK Champion Kev Hughes NS7 who could be confirmed champions on the 1st day if either driver take two heat wins. However, a decent round for Chris Manners 96F, Dan Griffin E167 and Dev North SS10 will confirm their places in the trophies, wth the remaining 4 in contention needing a brilliant weekend and some luck alongside to move into the trophy positions, this however, not a task that's impossible, and with Lee Poole S70D on home ground, he may be one of the favourites to sneak into the top 4. Ashley Porter NR75, Jason Jones H40 and Dave Symonds NS17 can all top the table should either driver get a set of maximum points, but would need Waldron/Hughes to DNF throughout the weekend for this to happen. Adam Elliott N53 is placed 10th - but if he can be unbeaten all weekend, who knows what the Javelin Park venue holds for class 1.

David Farrow IK52 is the Championship's 1st confirmed class winner of 2014, as he leads the class 2 field by 200 points, with only 195 left available to play for. Congratulations Mr.Farrow!


Other than that, the North Shropshire pair of Tom Swarbrick and Graham Holmes have just 10 points separating them for 2nd and 3rd. Despite this, any one of the top 17 can be crowned runner up to the champion, as David Evans, P54 on 181 points can capitalise on the table should he get a set of maximum meeting points, and others have a turn of bad luck. Justin Pay IK334 and Pete Richardson NS197 battle for 4th and 5th in a class where the top of the table has been dominated by IK and NS members, and despite a non-show in Round 1, Dave Jones SV51 is certainly going to be going for glory at round 5, currently 6th, but could challenge for trophy positions throughout the weekend.


Z-Cars Mini Series -

A winner almost confirmed?


Except for round 1, where the table was headed by Donna Smith/Katie Phipps S121D, a clear leader of the Mini Series has emerged in each round since, which is Nicola Bettoney, M8, current leader of ladies class 1.

As we head to Stroud in a few weeks time for the final round of this year's championships, Nicola needs to take just one win at Javelin Park, this only if the runners-up at the moment take a clean sweep of wins. Class 1's Lloyd Elliott, N53 has six wins under his belt to date, Nicola has 11, so just the one victory will take her over the winning line. Both Gary Cheetham N17 and Graham Cleal SS8 have 6 wins also, but the fact they both race in class 5 means that neither will be able to remain unbeatable and charge for the top of the table. It is certainly going to be difficult for any challenger to fight for the top spot and so we can almost confirm the winner - almost!




2014 Fixtures and Venues - Round 1: 3/4 May @ Stroud | Round 2: 21/22 June @ Forest of Dean / North Radstock | Round 3: 12/13 July @ Nottingham | Round 4: 9/10 August @ Wessex | Round 5: 13/14 September @ Trent

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